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We’d like to share some content we have come across that may be helpful or interesting:  some relevant websites that we like, some books, some articles we feature in. The pieces aren’t dated – they should be relevant whenever you have the time to look. If you have questions you would like answered, or help with any topic please make a suggestion by emailing us at

Gardening Made Easier

The sun has appeared and we can now enjoy our summer gardens and outdoor spaces! Gardening has always been a much loved activity, and is good for us too.

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It’s always time to keep on top of cleaning our homes, manage clutter and refresh our living spaces. Keeping on top of cleaning is especially important as we get older – but can be more challenging. 

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Stay fit and feel well

A little strength exercising every day can go far to keep us healthy, and balance exercises can help prevent falls. And it can actually be fun as well as healthy!

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Living at home for longer

To continue to live independently sometimes requires sourcing a helpful gadget or two – be it a mobility aid or a particularly supportive cushion.

Towelling sock aid
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