Practical accessories for the living room

This is a room we associate with comfort, relaxation and work. We’ve included support cushions, furniture raisers, trays to use when watching television or working and a host of other useful equipment besides. Our bespoke Oak Hand Rails are a great addition to any living space.

  • Large booster cushion

    Large firm booster cushion

  • Lifemax non-slip tray

    Non-slip tray

  • Electric hot water bottle

    Electric hot water bottle

  • Lambswool Hottie


  • Upeasy seat assist

    Upeasy Plus seat assist

  • Recycled wool throws

    Recycled wool throws

  • armchair booster

    Small firm booster cushion

  • easy to use radio

    DAB radio and music player

  • Folding classic pro reacher

    Folding Classic Pro Reacher

  • oak grab rails and brackets

    Oak grab rails

  • Bamboo furniture raisers

    Bamboo furniture raisers

  • Blue Badge bean bag lap tray

    Blue Badge bean bag lap tray