Stay warm for less

How to keep warm when fuel is so expensive?

We think we have some helpful answers. There are some great, innovative ways of keeping warm that many of us may not have thought of – which cost a fraction to run compared to an electric heater or central heating. Heat yourself not your house has become our catchphrase!

Luckily manufacturers have come up with a number of non-food products that when popped in the microwave for a few minutes retain joyous heat for up to two hours, at almost no cost: soft, fluffy slippers or slipper boots; neck wraps; heat pads to strap around your midriff, or ones that just rest on your lap.

Of course some people don’t have a microwave. We were, after all, brought up in the dark ages when microwaves were considered frightening and bound to zap us with their evil rays. But help is at hand! 

We all have plug sockets, and we’re very keen to stop the smart metre showing us how very expensive our beloved blow heaters are, so you could try a mini electric blanket or a fleecy electric throw – even one big enough for two of you on a sofa. Our Beurer electric throws and blankets cost as little as 2p an hour to run. Obviously there’s less moving around if you are fixed near a socket, but most of us spend hours in the same place anyway, watching TV or working at our screens.

We’ve road tested some of these, and have some of our favourites to share:

Microwaveable slippers, boots, neck wraps and bottles

These are heavenly – made of that fake fur that seems impossibly soft. A few minutes in the microwave and a couple of hours of warm feet – at almost no cost. The filling that keeps warm once microwaved is flax seed. Be aware: the flax seed obviously makes the slippers heavier than normal, and, most importantly, it needs to dry out first. So you will need to microwave them and let them cool a few times before using, and don’t put them on if they are still damp!

Microwaveable heat pads for your lap and around your back

The Hotties brand has lovely lambs wool squares for your lap – we slip them under our waistbands for support front or back, or rest our toes on them if a bit chilly. And there’s a tartan back wrap in which you can slide a hot microwaved pad (included) so you can be warm on the move, inside or out, and one size really fits all.

Hotties back wrap

But what if you don’t have a microwave?

But what if you don’t have microwave? Try electric blankets, throws or mattress toppers. There’s nothing cosier than snuggling up on a sofa with a warm throw, or putting a small heat pad on your lap as you work at your desk. And of course the joy of an electric heated mattress topper cannot be overstated. If your bedroom is cold it doesn’t mean your bed must be too.

There are of course traditional ways to keep warm!

… which don’t require any energy at all! Pure wool throws, lovely cushions with sheepskin as back supports, alpaca bed socks and long hot water bottles… so beat the chill and stay warm for less! 

recycled wool throw