Mobility aids for inside the home or out and about

Keeping mobile is most people’s top priority. There’s an overwhelming array of walking sticks available online, but here we’ve done the legwork for you and selected the best. The Ziggy is our favourite, and the Flexyfoot with its unique ferrule.

Rollators are hard to choose too – the more expensive seem to be, not surprisingly, the best designed.  We’ve recently started stocking the superb byAcre products – the Ultralight and the Overland – which are the lightest rollators in the world (if expensive, because they are made of carbon). We also recommend the Let’s Fly and the Let’s Go Out. Rehasense and Saljol make very good indoor versions. Read our article on mobility and what a rollator is (not everyone knows!).

  • Byacre Scandinavian Butler

    £450.00 exc VAT
  • flexyfoot urban hiking pole

  • Handi-Grip Mini reacher

  • byacre carbon ultralight

    byAcre Carbon Ultralight Rollator

    £490.00 exc VAT
  • nordic walking pole

    Nordic walking pole

  • Folding classic pro reacher

    Folding Classic Pro Reacher

  • Trio folding seat stick

    Trio folding seat stick

  • Folding stick with silicone handle

    Folding stick with silicone handle

  • The Saljol indoor rollator

    The Saljol Page

    £454.17 exc VAT
  • Rehasense Space I indoor rollator

    The Rehasense ‘Space I’

    £225.00 exc VAT
  • 'Let's Dream' indoor rollator

    ‘Let’s Dream’

    £300.00 exc VAT
  • 'Let's Go Out' rollator

    ‘Let’s Go Out’ rollator

    £350.00 exc VAT