Thank you for all your wonderful things, hurrah for Hotties, and today’s parcel with micro slippers and 2 Hot-Pak originals ……let it snow!!

J.S October 2022

Your heat pad is now working full blast as the studio is of course freezing.  It is sitting on my knee glowing away and making it possible to stay at my desk rather than wander around the house clutching my computer wondering where is the warmest place to settle – and it isn’t the winter yet!  So thank you once more for it – it is brilliant!

N.H October 2022

Great business, great website. We have already bought several things from them. Beautifully designed and they work well.

D.R September 2022

By chance I read your article in Good Housekeeping when I was having a council done bathroom adaptation for myself. I really don’t like it (very hospital like) but now I have your lovely stool in it instead of their horrible chair. And I have a new sturdy blue walking stick. I love your firm. I hope it makes you millions. I shopped at Habitat and BIBA too! Well done

A.H March 2022

I’ve been looking at your website and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you wanting to give access to all of these products in one place. I think considerations of design, quality and just a little pizazz have been missing from this sector for far too long. You’re doing a great job. Thank you.

M.R January 2022

At last! I’ve just read your article in the FT and thank you for bringing this area up to date. I’ve worked with all these types of products for many years as an Occupational Therapist with people age 65 plus and always longed for them to be more attractive not just functional.

C.R November 2021

I was delighted to read your article in Good Housekeeping. Your website is much needed amongst the dreariness of the aid websites. I shall be buying from you but am having a problem curbing my enthusiasm to affordable levels! 

P.T September 2021

Firstly let me say what a fantastic idea to have trendy aids and adaptations for older people. A few years ago I worked as the arts officer in my local authority and one of the main projects was to engage older people in arts activities, mainly contemporary arts. It always saddened me to see that care homes still played music from the war era rather than the Beatles and the Stones, which is far more age appropriate. I digress, your idea is fabulous.

L.F August 2021

Congratulations on setting up a wonderful website/business. I am very grateful. The article in Good Housekeeping was inspiring and made me want to buy something.

S.B August 2021

Huge thanks to GGAG, aka Granny Gets Her Skates On, as delivery of wonderful things arrived today! Floor lamp terrific for ancient husband’s tiny room, elegant too. Super cushions, nifty wearable trug for son-in-law’s birthday, etc. All so bucking for us creakers.

S.M August 2021

Hi. I read about your company in Good Housekeeping and looked on the website. My mum had dementia and lived with us for two years before she died. I wish I had known about your company then. Such wonderful products and such fabulous style. I will def point my children in your direction for when the time comes for me to need them! I just wanted to say a massive well done for starting this company

R.W August 2021

I must say I love your website! My husband is a lot older than me and very young at heart and trendy, so it is great to find things that look good in our home. I saw your article in ‘Good Housekeeping’ and very glad I did.

B.R-T August 2021

Just read the article on you in this month’s Good Housekeeping. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THIS ON AND SHAKING THE ACCEPTED NORM. I have just experienced old age gadgets after my Father had a stroke and spent time in hospital and a nursing home. So many things unsuitable and lacked the dignity he deserved.

M.K July 2021