Practical accessories for the living room

This is a room we associate with comfort, relaxation and work. We’ve included support cushions, furniture raisers, trays to use when watching television or working and a host of other useful equipment besides. Our bespoke Oak Hand Rails are a great addition to any living space.

  • Not a hot water bottle

    Not a Hot Water Bottle

  • Beurer heat pad

    Beurer heat pad

  • Lambswool Hottie


  • XL Nordic heat pad

    XXL Nordic heat pad

  • Electric hot water bottle

    Electric hot water bottle

  • Multi-purpose 3-in-1 gel wrap

  • Microwavable Hot-Pak

    Microwaveable Hot Pak®

  • Hotties back wrap

    Hotties Back Wrap

  • Blasta Henriet wheat bag heat pack

    Wheat bag heat pack

  • Anatomic linum hot pad

    Anatomic Linum heat pad

  • Linum hot pad

    Linum hot pad

  • microwaveable luxury neck wrap

    Microwaveable neck wrap

stay fit and feel well stay fit and feel well
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