Hotties Back Wrap


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We understand it’s difficult to live and work with back pain. We also understand it’s difficult to keep traditional heat packs on your back. The Hotties elastic strap secures the back wrap in place and can be worn under or over clothing.

No need, even, to fill with boiling water- just use the microwave. The Hotties back wrap radiates a gentle and constant heat – perfect for soothing aches and pains.  The warmth provided lasts up to 3 hours and is a non-invasive way to ease soreness and tension.

Hand quilted cotton fabric with a light layer of wadding gives extra insulation to keep Hottie warmer longer.

Includes microwavable Hottie heat pack.



  • Heat therapy, as provided by Hotties thermal heat packs, is a non-invasive, drug-free way to relieve back pain by:
    • increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the site of pain, which helps heal damaged tissue
    • reducing the transmission of pain signals, which helps relieve pain
    • relaxing soft tissue, which decreases stiffness and helps heal injuries
  • Velcro fastening
  • Suitable for waist size between 76cm and 112cm

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