byAcre Carbon Ultralight accessories



byAcre have a range of accessories suitable for the Carbon Ultralight rollator & Carbon Overland models.  Please make your selection using the ‘product type’ button.

  •  Grocery Shopping Bag –  easy to open and close, so you can load and unload your groceries quickly and without difficulty. With a tote bag inside the grocery bag, it is easy to unload the groceries when you arrive home and you will not need to detach the grocery bag from the rollator. Easy open/close system so you can easily put your groceries into the bag while shopping and unload them when you get home.  Capacity: 7kg  Volume: 20l  Measurements: 13cm x 36cm x 35cm
  •  Day Pack – With a spacious inside, external stash pockets, tie out loops and daisy chains on the outside, it’s easy to fit all your belongings and to hook on any extra items. Plus soft carry-handles, the bag easily turns into a perfect all round bag. It is made out of a lightweight, wear and weather resistant material, with a water repellant layer on the bottom and on the inside.  The bottom of the bag is firm, which lets it stand upright on its own.  Easy to fold and store when not in use, and easy to clean with a wet cloth. Measurements: L35cm x W16cm x H33cm  Volume 17.5l  Weight: 0.40kg
  •  Travel Bag –  custom-made to fit the dynamic shapes and sleek design of the Carbon Ultralight Rollator.  The perfect fit makes it easy to place the rollator in the bag and protects it in all the right places.  For added protection byAcre have also integrated a protection pad that is placed between the wheels to protect the axles from scratches during transport. The outer material is sturdy and wear-resistant and the grey melange colour makes it difficult to spot dirt marks.  The travel bag is padded and lined with an elegant and soft lining that keeps the rollator well protected on the inside as well.
  •  Back Rest – offers great support for your lower back. The back rest is easily attached and detached.  The rollator folds and unfolds with the backrest in place – there is no need to remove it. Adjustable height so it fits no matter the height on your rollator (though limited to a max height 25mm below the rollators tallest position).
  •  Cane Holder – a clever way to keep your cane in place while walking with the rollator. Easy to attach and detach from the rollator.  With a drain at the bottom, water and debris are not collected. Easy to use – simply put your cane into the bottom part of the cane holder and click it into the clip on the seat frame. Please email us to specify if you would like the cane holder attached to the left or right hand of your rollator
If you have any questions regarding this product we are on hand to offer advice. Simply fill in the form and we will get back to you to help where we can.
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