byAcre Carbon Ultralight Rollator

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The byAcre Carbon Ultralight is the world’s lightest rollator – weighing only 4.8kg.  The carbon frame is five times stronger than steel or aluminium. The Ultralight combines superb quality with a sleek modern design – it reminds us of a Vespa and we love it! See the video below this description…

The thoughtfully designed, forward-pointing ergonomic handles support good posture. The integrated brake system means there are no fussy cables to get in your way.

The comfortable, shock-absorbing PUR tires reduce pressure on the wrists, plus there is a handy kerb lifter function.

Easy height adjustment in 3cm increments by the click of a button.

The Ultralight is extremely easy to fold flat and transport in the car, plane or the train

A handy organiser bag (with attachable shoulder strap) which attaches to the back of the rollator is included as standard. Additional stylish byAcre accessories are available here.

The versatile byAcre Carbon Ultralight is available in three seat widths (the handle height is the same for all three models):

  • Compact (seat width 41cm, seat height 56cm)
  • Regular (seat width 42cm, seat height 61cm)
  • Wide (seat width 47cm, seat height 61cm)

byACRE is a Danish mobility company with a mission to break down stigma associated with reduced functionality.  Their aim is to ‘help each and everyone obtain a high activity level – and look good while doing it’.

The Carbon Ultralight comes fully assembled – just open the box and go!

*Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on ByAcre orders

Further reading:

Is the Carbon Ultralight Rollator really the lightest rollator in the world?

Yes, Carbon Ultralight is the world’s lightest rollator. With 4,8 kg for the fully assembled rollator, this is the only rollator with 4-wheels made for adults (size Medium) that weighs this little.Lightweight exclusive materials such as carbon fibre frames and aluminium folding cross and handle bars allows the rollator to reach its position as the lightest available rollator in the category.

Why do the handles look different than traditional rollators

The handles on the Carbon Ultralight Rollator are turned in the opposite direction as traditional rollators.This provides a better posture while walking as you can pull the rollator closer to your body and walk upright.

Can I adjust the handles to fit my height?

Yes, you can. We have replaced the traditional knob with a push button, so the handles can easily be adjusted with just a push of a button. The handles can be adjusted in 30 mm increments from 790 mm to 910 mm.

Will the Carbon Ultralight Rollator fit in the boot of my car?

The Carbon Ultralight Rollator folds flat and is only 25cm wide when folded. It can easily be lifted into the boot of a car and we have yet to encounter a boot that is has not fit into.

Where are the brake cables?

The brakes cables are hidden inside the frame –  it is at the core of the sleek design of the Carbon Ultralight. When the cables are hidden inside the frame the expression of the rollator instantly becomes more light and simple – and you avoid the cables getting caught on things.

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  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Extend the byACRE warranty from two years to a ‘finite warrant’ by simply registering your byACRE rollator within the first three months after purchase and receive the additional warranty on the rollator frame
  • Reddot Design Winner 2019
  • World’s lightest rollator at 4.8kg
  • Stylish Scandi styling
  • Arrives ready to use – no installation required
  • Easy to fold flat and light to transport
  • Carbon frame which is five times stronger than steel, high quality aluminium
  • Ergonomic handles to support correct posture
  • Soft and shock-absorbing wheel
  • Shock absorbing frame to treat wrists properly
  • Integrated brakes and easy height adjustment via push button
  • Forward-facing ergonomic handles that promote good postur


  • Easy height adjustment in 30mm intervals
  • Kerb lifter
  • Includes a removable organiser bag
Seat width:Compact: 41cm  Regular: 42cm  Wide Track: 47cm
Seat height:Compact: 56cm  Regular & Wide Track:  61cm
Handle height:Compact: 79cm – 91cm  Regular & Wide Track: 80cm – 95cm
Width between handles:Compact: 35cm  Regular: 38cm  Wide Track: 43cm
Grip to brake distance:6.2cm
Width:Compact: 61.5cm  Regular: 62.5cm  Wide Track: 66.5cm
Width folded:25cm
Folded dimensions:H80cm x L66cm x W25cm
Wheel diameter:20cm & 3.6cm width
Material:Carbon fibre frame, aluminium, PUR rubber wheels
Maximum user weight:130kg

Bought the Carbon Ultralight rollator not really expecting that something so light would be strong enough to walk on the street – it is! I can get on the underground so my independence is boosted. London is mine again! Looks really good too, great red colour, about time designers took notice of this, we shouldn’t have to out up with heavy poor design, someone is listening!

S.P 2022

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making mobility so much easier both on a practical level and on a phsychological level. I have been a little nervous (pride) about giving in and using a rollator but am missing my independence enough to admit I need one. Yours is the first one I not only like, but love. Thank you for designing a tool that is not only useful, easy to handle but also quite cool and trendy.

E.L 2022

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