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The Sissel DorsaBack is made of shaped ply board and padded with thick foam- supportive rather than soft. It comes in two joined parts, so you sit on it and lean back into it. The ergonomic design supports the entire back, reduces strain on the lower back and pelvis and discourages slumping. Ideal for use on armchairs or kitchen chairs where extra support is required, and also works brilliantly in the car.

The Dorsaback comes with a 3 year warranty on shape retention, an easy to clean cover and an anti slip underside to minimise movement when in use.

The optional extra of the Dorsaback pad (as seen on the video) is also available.

  • Adjustable strap for easy attachment to a chair
  • Shaped ply back supports the entire back
    • reduces strain on the spine
    • relieving backache
    • optimal support
    • discourages slouching
  • Shaped ply seat provides pelvic support and encourages a correct sitting position
  • Relieves strain on the lower back and pelvis
  • Comfort provided by
    • high quality vinyl foam
    • luxurious, durable poly-suede fabric
  • Easy to clean cover
Dimensions – back:51 x 32cm (h x w)
Dimensions – base:45 x 40cm (w x d)

Product Video

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