‘Let’s go indoors’


The Let’s Go Indoors is a practical walking aid for people who need extra support at home, with high functionality and  sleek design. It is light and flexible, with the small turning circle that is essential indoors. The walker is easy to fold and takes up little space. When folded it stands on its own four wheels.

If you are looking for a walker that is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, the Let’s Go is a good choice. It has a removable tray, so you can use it as a serving trolley or as a table to eat from. It’s an invaluable support if you need to get out of bed at night.

Available in beech/silver.

  • Light and flexible, designed for indoor use in the home
  • Perfect for getting into narrow spaces such as toilets and bathrooms
  • Hand operated brakes are easy to apply and can be used as parking brakes
  • Soft and comfortable handle can be adjusted to suit the height of the user
  • Brakes are  linked together so that both can be operated with just one hand
Adjustable height:83cm to 95cm
Tray dimensions:42cm x 35cm