Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air! Love it or hate it, cleaning has to be done

It’s time to clean our homes from top to bottom, get rid of clutter and refresh our living spaces. Spring cleaning is especially important as we get older – but more challenging. 

Why is it important as we get older? For some very good reasons: Any degree of decluttering and reorganising will create a safer living space with less trip hazards. The removal of dust, mould, and other potential allergens by cleaning and airing out the home means we can breathe more easily and so reduces the risk of respiratory problems. And a cluttered and disorganised home can be stressful and overwhelming, leading to feelings of anxiety and depression. Refreshing your living space can result in a sense of accomplishment and renewed energy.

Before beginning, plan what you intend to do. This can help you stay focused and avoid becoming overwhelmed. It should include a list of tasks, a timeline, and any necessary supplies.

Enlist help

It can be challenging to tackle spring cleaning on your own. Enlisting the help of family members, friends, or caregivers can make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Take breaks

Spring cleaning can be physically demanding. It is important to take breaks and pace yourself to avoid fatigue and injury. Listen to your body and stop if you feel any pain or discomfort.

Consider home-made cleaning products

Some of the items in your kitchen cupboards – like lemons, baking powder and vinegar work as effective home-made all-purpose cleaners  and, even better, cost next to nothing.

There are lots of tools that make the task easier and (possibly) even fun. We have a selection in our cleaning section on the website – see below for the highlights!


The old fashioned carpet sweeper has been re-designed so you can switch from sweeping carpets to hard floors in no time, leaving the dirt and debris no place to hide. It’s very light and easy to use. Excellent for those who find vacuum cleaners heavy and cumbersome and who might struggle to bend to use a dustpan and brush.



No need to lug cleaning products around the house! This trolley gives you plenty of extra storage space and folds almost completely flat when you don’t need it.


Accessing hard to reach high cupboards and dusty shelves won’t be a stretch again with this step stool. If you are looking for a little extra stability – try our chrome step stool with handrail


When you have to get down on your knees for housework, it would surely be better if they were comfortably cushioned? We have designed these kneelers to hang near your cleaning products, readily available when there’s cleaning to be done. Save your knees and enjoy the task more as a result!


We’ve put together a traditional linen housekeeping bundle. Linen increases in strength when wet, it can take any amount of washing and thrives on regular use…


Pick up as much as you can hold – including bottles, tins and jars – or grip a duster to access those hard to reach places. Pull and twist the hand-like claw to reach where you want; the back of the sofa, behind the washing machine or off the floor.