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The McAnallen sock-aid allows you to put on your socks in a seated position without needing to bend down and, it can be used with one hand. It is perfect for people with arthritis as well as lower back pain, limited mobility, post-surgery and injury recovery.

The McAnallen sock aid helps you take back a little bit of your independence and saves you time getting dressed. It is thin, flexible – each one has been hand-stitched and made from soft hand-woven materials. Plus, the straps are adjustable to use in a way that suits your needs best. You can slip your arm or hand into multiple sections along the straps.

We love (and share) Sarah, the founder of McAnallen’s, ethos; “Growing up with my mum using different products from the amazing NHS, I saw how she would change every product to make it her own. She didn’t want another white plastic product. This is why I’ve created the only sock aid in the world that comes in a choice of colours. I wanted you to be able to pick a product that fits into your home and reflects your personality”. 

The product works best for Adult UK size foot size 4 – 9 , but it can work for feet outside of these sizes as well.  Not suitable for stockings. See how to use the sock aid in the video below.

  • Hand wash or gentle wash at 30 degrees – Do not tumble dry
  • The straps are designed with multiple sections along the strap in which you can put your hand or arm into
  • Portable – The product is thin, flexible and can fit in seamlessly to your busy life. Perfect for getaways, simply throw it into a suitcase or bag!
  • Hand-stitched
  • Made in the UK
Material:90% cotton, 10% polyester plastic, recycled glass beads
Dimensions:25cm x 22cm x 2cm

Product Video

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