The Plugull plug pull

"Pull all the stops out"...


The Plugull plug pull is a clever plug attachment that makes it much easier to remove electrical 3-pin plugs from the socket. It is particularly useful for people who suffer with dexterity issues and find gripping plugs, especially at awkward angles, difficult.

Made from a flexible, easy-to-grip recyclable plastic, Plugull is thin enough to sit between the plug and the socket without interfering with the electrical connection. It has a prominent finger loop that sticks up above the plug, allowing you to slide your finger through it and safely pull the plug towards you, in a “plug pull” function, like pulling the ring-pull on a drinks can. Then the plug is half out, and much easier to remove altogether.

Comes in mixed packs of 3 – red, green and black.

  • Made from recyclable durable material soft to the touch.
  • Heat resistant up to 240 degrees Celsius
  • Easy and simple to use

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