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Make kneeling a thing of the past!

The OneLeg is an innovative design that saves your knees in the garden. It’s designed to rock and tilt as you sit, which makes it an ideal stool for use anywhere that you need to be working at low levels. Made from strong plastic with functional, simplistic and clean lines, these stools are weather proof, impact resistant, lightweight and easy to move around and clean.

Supplied with a black anti-slip foot.  Silicone slip covers currently not available.

The height of the stool you choose is dependent on your stature, length of leg and overall mobility and fitness.  To use the stool it is important that you are able to get into a low squat position and return to a standing position, unaided. If you are 5’7″ and under we would recommend the 32cm high stool. For customers over 5′ 7″ then the 40cm high stool will be more suitable.

Please note: this stool is not for everyone and is definitely not suitable for anyone who suffers with loss of strength in the upper thigh muscles or knees.


The health benefits of the OneLeg

The small curved foot on the OneLeg stool enables you to rock, tilt and rotate as you sit which protects your lower back by reducing the amount of twisting and burden on your spine.  By sitting instead of kneeling you will also protect your knees and feet, which can be strained or squashed when in the kneeling position.  As you tip and turn on the stool, you will be able to reach a larger work area without the need to move the stool.

The OneLeg is an ergonomic stool which provides dynamic and active sitting. Being able to rock and turn as you sit improves your posture and body awareness while developing core strength.


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  • As you tip and turn on the stool, you will be able to reach a larger work area without the need to move the stool.
  • The OneLeg can be used anywhere in the garden, on grass, on soil, gravel or stone and works well on slopes.
  • You can also use the stool for cleaning the car, actively sitting while watching TV, while studying or browsing on your computer.
  • 100% recyclable
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