The Multi Grip


If you find it hard to open screw lids and bottles with safety caps –  like cleaning products and pill bottles, then why not let the Multi Grip do the job for you?

This invaluable kitchen aid takes the strain out of what should be a simple task but is so often difficult. If you have limited dexterity in your fingers and hands, let this simple but clever kitchen aid do the work for you. You simply place it over the bottle top or cap, push down and using the ‘wings’, turn until the container is open. The pressure and turning movement unscrews the cap easily, requiring very little strength on your part.

The Multi Grip is ideal for those living with arthritis or anyone who needs a little support with sometimes tricky lids.

There are many bottle and jar openers on the market, but we think this is the best for safety caps.


Dimensions:9.6cm x 9.6cm x 5.2cm
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