The Matty armchair tray

"Lean on Me..."



A sturdy tray large enough to sit across an armchair and double as a work top or dinner tray. Curved with integral handles and grosgrain elastic bands designed to keep objects in place, the Matty tray is strong enough to hold laptops, books, and cups of tea. TV suppers become a less wobbly affair. We love this tray for its simple design and great value – it’s fought over in our families!

The grosgrain elastic bands come in three colours: red, navy, sage.

The trays are finished in a clear waterproof varnish. Ply is a variable wood- there may be some sanding inconsistencies…

*make sure your armchair has arms that are a suitable height to rest a tray on, with room below the tray for your legs. The arms need to be horizontal, and note the tray is 76cm wide!

What is an armchair tray – an armchair table or a table-top for a chair? Both!

  • A tray that is wide enough to be supported by the arms of your armchair
  • Turns your armchair into a chair-at-a-table
  • Takes any weight off your legs
  • Strong enough to hold laptops, books, and cups of tea
  • Can be stored flat against your chair, or against the wall behind, and easily lifted into place once you are seated
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Dimensions:76 cm x 40 cm x 1.2 cm
Weight:1.5 kg
Materials:High grade ply

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