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Save your back while digging in the garden! The Kikka Digga attaches to your favourite garden spade or fork. It’s made of strong sturdy steel. Its unique clamp, pedal and lever-action help speed up your digging, reduce strain and improve your posture. The award winning (no surprises there) Kikka Digga makes light work of hard work. Use it for digging, weeding and aerating around regular garden soil. We are very pleased with ours – although it makes your fork 1kg heavier it saves so much back strain. The genius of levers.

Top tip: attach it using the 1-2-3 instructions on the box- it’s not necessarily in the order you expect.

Fits standard forks or spades with a shaft diameter of 1.5”/38mm.

Assists soil breaking and lifting.

Enables you to work upright and safely.

Levered design lifts the soil, no painful back bending.

Designed and developed with The Design Council, RHS and The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics.

  • A unique clamp, pedal and lever-action function
  • The product easily sits on the strongest forged section of your tool.
  • Assists soil breaking and lifting
  • Minimises excessive bending
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Fits standard forks and spades
  • Kikka Digga digs and turns out soil remarkably well, specifically regular compacted soil and earth. However, the product may buckle and become damaged around heavy duty digging and planting. Therefore, the lifting of thick or heavy tree roots and rocks or concrete slabs is not recommended
Dimensions:18cm x 18cm x 5cm
Materials:Stainless steel

"Anything that spares the back is going to be good isn't it? Impressed, I like it! It's good, especially if you've got back problems."

Kitchen Garden Magazine

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