Slip resistant shower mat


No one wants to slip in the bath. The StayPut bath and shower mats mats are soft, comfortable, free draining.  Manufactured in the unique PER® material combined with an anti-microbial ‘Silver’ additive which inhibits mould and bacterial growth. This high quality, comfortable, squidgy mat is secured in place with moulded suckers ensuring excellent grip.

Easy to clean machine washable at 40°C and allow to dry naturally. It even has an integrated hanging loop.

*The suckers must be able to fully stick to the surface, which mean this mat is not suitable for showers with an uneven non slip surface, or where the surface has raised contours.


  • A top quality, cushioned and comfortable slip resistant square mat
  • Free draining with a lightly textured soft surface, and strong grip suckers underneath, which ensure a safe footing, helping to prevent foot and surface slip
  • Tested successfully for the BS Standard BS8445:2012 Level 1 Slip Resistance
  • Suitable for machine washing at a 40 degree wash, and allowed to dry naturally
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that the mat is rinsed and hung to dry between uses and regularly washed. This helps to prevent the build up of soap residue left by acid formulated shampoos, soaps and shower gels, that can cause discolouration and create a barrier preventing the anti-microbial silver from working
Dimensions:51cm x 51cm
Materials:Rubber, Polyvinyl Chloride

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