Shower stool with swivel seat

"Sit and twist"...


This lightweight shower stool features a rotating seat which allows you to move freely in whichever direction you need. No more dangerous twisting and reaching around for toiletries and wash-things; a swivelling shower stool reduces the risk of accidents and injuries in the shower and allows you to maintain your independence. The rounded seat is comfortable and the rotating top can be easily removed for cleaning. 

The stool is height adjustable through a simple push-button mechanism from 34cm to 52cm in 2.5cm increments so you can set it at the perfect height for your needs.

The non-slip feet provide a secure base for added peace of mind in wet shower trays.

  • Rotating seat
  • Removes the need for twisting in the shower
  • Height adjustable
  • Non-slip feet
  • Easy to assemble
Height:34cm -52cm
Seat width:30cm
Maximum user weight:135kg

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