Putnam’s king pillow

"Rest your weary head..."


We think the The Putnam Pillow is the best support pillow on the market. It has been designed to support your neck and shoulders while maintaining spinal alignment during sleep – it reduces general neck and shoulder pain, numbness and headaches. The orthopaedic foam core allows it to maintain its structure (no more re-arranging or fluffing-up during sleep). Contoured for ventilation, keeping you cool while you sleep, and with a curved leading edge for reduced pressure on neck and shoulder.

The Putnam’s King pillow is for people who usually sleep on two pillows.

Recommended and sold by chiropractors and osteopaths for both side and back sleepers.

  • Pick your size – Royal or King
  • Comes with a zipped, removable cover
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK for over 38 years
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Supportive and springy foam for optimal support
  • Perfect for those suffering from Cervical spondylosis, headaches, tingling arms and general neck or shoulder discomfort
King pillow dimensions:58cm x 33.5cm x 15cm
Material:Putnam’s foam

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