Portable daylight lamp


This sleek Smart Go lamp is portable, lightweight and rechargeable and helps you see clearly wherever you are. It has LEDs rather than a bulb, and is designed to replicate natural daylight. It reduces eye strain and enables you to see details accurately – the perfect light for work, reading or hobbies, regardless of your surroundings. The Smart Go has 3 levels of brightness and a battery level indicator display.

Supplied with a USB cable for charging via your laptop or wall plug adapter. One charge gives 6 hours of light.

We love it – it’s perfect for reading and working where plug sockets are inaccessible and overhead lighting isn’t quite enough.

When light matters

As we age, nearly all of us face the challenge of sight loss.  The Daylight company have designed reading lights that are dimmable to provide optimal brightness choices.  They all have a light with a colour temperature which maximises contrast and clarity. They are ergonomically designed, and  can be effortlessly positioned to exactly where the light is needed, with minimal glare and heat emission.

For the past 20 years the Daylight company have worked closely with the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) local Macular Societies, and low vision clinics in the UK, Europe and US, to understand the needs of people with sight loss. Their accumulated knowledge, together with this continuous research, is the basis on which they design lighting products.

Experts generally agree that the easiest and most effective aid to improve their vision is the right, good quality lighting.

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  • Lightweight and portable
  • Elegant and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Battery charge level indicator lights
  • Unobtrusive outline that doesn’t take up space on your desk or side table
  • 95+ CRI to provide true colour matching and better contrast
  • 3 step dimmer
  • Recharge by connecting the supplied USB cable to your laptop or phone charger.
Height – closed position26cm
Height – fully extended46cm
Light source:LED
Lux output at 30cm:630 Lux
Energy consumption:5w
Product weight:0.45kg
Cable length:1.2m
Battery charge time:Approx 7.5 hours
Battery run time:Up to 6 hours

Thank you for sending over the two LED reading lamps we ordered so swiftly. They have proved to be even more effective than we expected. My wife uses hers routinely as a reading lamp and for close work such as sewing. I, too, use mine for reading but it has proven invaluable when doing fine work such as tying flies to fish for trout or doing restoration work on vintage split bamboo fly rods that are older than I am.These little lamps are astonishingly bright and the daylight colour temperature means that one sees colour as if in natural daylight. They are far better value than other similar products on the market. We are both greatly impressed.

S.N October 2023

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