Pelvic wedge cushion


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The Pelvic wedge cushion has been designed to help those who spend long periods sitting down. The 11º wedge angle is accepted as producing the optimum sitting position and correct posture and should help in reducing pain in the lower back and legs. The pelvic wedge cushion is suitable for use in  armchairs, office chairs and wheelchairs. It can also be used in a car as a seat infill.

Comes with a removable, zipped terry towelling cover with a black webbing handle.


  • Premium Zipped cover included
  • Encourages better posture
  • Pelvic support and comfort
  • Eases arthritis pain.
  • Can be used in any chair i.e wheelchair, car, sofa, office
Dimensions:36cm x 36cm
Product weight:0.46kg

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