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People often find reading glasses uncomfortable, invariably lose them and inevitably break them!  Being tempted by cheap garage forecourt options just means more broken pairs around the house or lost forever.

We think the stylish Nooz reading glasses offer the solution.  The ultra-light frame is made of Swiss TR90, considered the best optical nylon in the world, providing superior flexibility and durability.  The frames are made without screws –  making them amazingly flexible and nearly unbreakable.  We’ve even trodden on them without any harm. And they weigh only 17g.

Nooz reading glasses have thinned out reading lenses to avoid having the “bug-eye” effect.  The Protect™ technology lenses filter out 40% of blue light from screens (mitigating headaches and eye strain), plus a high performance anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating.

Best of all they come with a 14mm ultra-thin, polycarbonate case –  super tough and easy to slip into your pocket to keep with you at all times.

We know that reading glasses vary widely in price (and quality) – but we think Nooz are worth every penny!

Available in 3 magnification strengths – + 1.5 to + 3.00

Why Nooz reading glasses?

  • They really do fit in your pocket
  • Super lightweight 17g
  • Ultra thin
  • Stylish frames which are very difficult to break
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  • Frame: Nylon TR90
  • Temples: Highly flexible steel
  • Case: Polycarbonate
  • Thinned out reading lenses
  • Screwless hinges
  • Blue light blocking
  • 2 year warranty
  • Certifications: Europe : (NF EN 14139) International : (ISO 12870)
Dimensions:Lens width 53mm
Bridge width 15mm
Length 140mm

I just ordered two new sets of glasses from you, the Nooz reading glasses and the night driving classes, and I just wanted to say they are both brilliant, and thank you so much!

Meredith, March 2022

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