Special Offer

Multi-use opener


There is nothing worse than trying to open a stubborn jar with a lid that just won’t budge. This multi-use opener from a land far far away is not our highest quality item but it does enable you to open jars, tins, and bottles. The pull ring on the end of the multi-use opener can even be used to open pressure sealed bottle caps. This opener features an easy to grip knob on the handle to make turning straightforward and easy.

Ideally suited for those with limited dexterity, weakened grip, or arthritis, this mobility aid makes daily tasks easier which helps to improve your independent living.

  • Features an ergonomic turning handle that is fitted with an easy-grip knob
  • Designed to make everyday tasks simpler and hassle-free
  • Suitable for use by those with a weakened grip, or limited dexterity
  • This mobility aid can be utilised for opening jars, bottles, tins and cans