Luxury bed rest kit

"Good in bed"...


This kit will increase the comfort of bed rest. A heavenly Buerer heat pad- rather than a hot water bottle, a pure new wool throw,  a tablet stand to hold your ipad so you don’t have to, and a pair of medical mohair bed-socks. All made better by a U shape pillow to provide comfort and support, in the pattern of your choice.


  • U shape pillow: use either as neck support or around the lower back and under the arms for total comfort
  • Beurer heat pad: versatile electric heat pad for daytime use on aching muscles, against the back or under your bottom on a chair
  • Blue Badge tablet stand: a bean bag designed to hold your tablet so you don’t need to
  • Pure New Wool Throw: just the right size for a bed throw
  • Medical Mohair Socks: a unique therapeutic sock suitable for convalescents