Long handled foot scrub


Do you find it difficult to reach your feet when showering or bathing? Many people do – and this long handled foot pumice brush is a perfect solution. The long handled foot scrub brush is a double sided, high-quality brush.  A soft brush on one side for body exfoliation and a pumice stone for hard skin/feet exfoliation.

The handle can be easily bent to reach difficult to clean areas. Simply hold under hot water or warm with a hairdryer to soften the plastic. Bend the handle to the desired angle and cool the handle under cold water to ‘set’.


  • British made
  • The foot scrub brush has a rounded pumice for hard skin
  • The bendable long handle can be easily be adjusted to help you reach that awkward spot more easily – watch our instructional video below
  • With a lightweight handle the foot scrub brush is easy to hold even with wet hands

Product Video