Long handled Comfi-Grip exfoliator sponge & toe washer


We’re selling the long handled (65cm) Comfi-Grip exfoliator sponge and toe washer together –  so no body part gets left behind!

This long handled exfoliating sponge is a great back loofah. A two-side sponge – one side is smooth for washing as well as cream and lotion application. The reverse side is an exfoliating loofah helping to remove dead and dry skin all over your body, especially the back.

The toe/foot long handled sponge reduces bending, twisting or straining to reach – not everyone can touch their toes! This specially designed foot brush is ideal if washing between your toes is a problem. Wash the top and soles of your feet in the shower or bath using the contoured base of the foot sponge. Then using the tapered toe washing sponge, easily clean in between your toes without having to stretch forward.

A great new innovation is that both handles can be easily bent to help reach difficult to clean areas. How? Simply hold under hot water or warm with a hairdryer to soften the plastic. Bend the handle to the desired angle and cool the handle under cold water to ‘set’.  See the video below.

  • Easy to hold Comfi-Grip handle – even with wet hands
  • Bendable long handle – easily adjusted to help wash all over your body
  • Wash and scrub your feet comfortably and easily – tapered head to clean in between your toes
  • Hygienic, washable and practical – hang up to dry, ready for next time
  • Length – 26″/65cm – both sponges
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