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This is definitely the nicest leather pill organiser we could find. The soft leather wallet contains 7 pill boxes labelled with the days of the week. Each pill box has 4 compartments labelled breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. The individual pill boxes have three movable dividers that can be adjusted to accommodate pills of different sizes.

The pill boxes are stored in a genuine finished leather wallet with a magnetic clasp. You can add your and other important information on the card at the bottom of each pill box.

How a pill organiser can help

  • An ideal way of keeping track of daily medication
  • Helps ensure you don’t get in a muddle with dosage and timings
  • A better way of organising – no need to carry multiple pill bottles around with you
  • A pill organiser or pillcase, dosette box, is a multicompartment compliance aid for storing scheduled doses of medications
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  • Consists of 7 pill boxes, 1 for each weekday

  • Each pill box has 4 compartments

  • Marked ‘Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bedtime’

  • Genuine finished leather wallet with a magnetic clasp

  • The pill boxes are dishwasher safe at 50˚C

Leather case:15.2cm x 10.3cm x 3cm
Pill boxes:9.5cm x 2.1cm x 1.9cm
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