Large booster cushion

"Cushion the blow..."




The NHS advice is that we should all sit at the right height for our body – thighs should be at 90° to the floor – but most of us sit on a favourite armchair with our knees higher than the seat, which makes getting up much more of a strain than it need be.

So many armchairs become too low for comfort. This 50cm x 50cm booster is designed to raise the seat by 10cm and give the chair new life. It is large and firm and can be put either above or below your existing armchair cushion. It makes an enormous difference! Made from the best quality Putnam’s orthopaedic foam, our bespoke cushions are upholstered in a practical linen blend in a choice of two neutral colours. The piped covers, with a contrasting striped, grosgrain handle, are removable and easy to wash. No other booster cushions we have found have quite the combination of support and comfort these give. Spare covers are available.

  • Putnam’s medium density foam
  • Removable linen blend cover with zip
  • Washable at 30˚C
Dimensions:50cm x 50cm x 10cm