Knee support cushion

"Weak at the knees..."


This Putnam’s knee pillow is made from high density, UK made CertiPUR® Memory Foam. It improves hip and spinal alignment during sleep, or keeps knees apart when sitting, sleeping or in a wheelchair. Recommended by doctors for treatment of: Coccyx pain, sciatica, bursitis (housemaid’s knee), knee and hip problems, lower back pain, hip abduction following hip arthroplasty and respiratory illnesses (pneumonia, colds & flu), as using a knee pillow between the knees keeps the chest open to make breathing easier during sleep.

Comes with removable, zipped, washable cover and includes adjustable Velcro fixing strap to keep the support in place whilst sleeping.

Used by the NHS.

  • Made in the UK
  • CertiPUR® foam for peace of mind
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Memory foam cushions and supports for tailored pressure relief
Dimensions:23cm x 15cm x 9.5cm