Hip kit

"Hippy, hippy shake"...


If you’ve just had a hip operation, or find it hard to bend for any other reason, this is what you need. The invaluable grabber to reach for anything you’d usually manage by bending, the amazingly easy get-your-socks-on gadget, the longer than usual shoe horn, the swivel cushion that reduces strain as you twist to get up and the leg lifter to help you get in and out of a car. You’ll be better in no time, but you may well want these for longer anyway…

This kit includes the items recommended by NHS hospitals for post hip replacement recovery.


  • Swivel cushion: a foam cushion on a solid base that turns on ball bearings. Turns every flat chair into an office chair, and saves the effort of turning when you rise
  • Grabber – Folding Classic Pro reacher: a high quality reacher to help pick up what you need without bending 
  • Shoe horn: long enough to save bending, with a spring to aid the movement
  • Foxy Soxon: a clever device for putting your socks on without having to bend
  • Leg lifter: does just that- very helpful for getting in or out of a car

I am thrilled to receive the very useful Hip Kit before my operation on Friday. Thank you so much, I will start practising with them. Super bag to hold them in too!

P.L October 2021