Handi-Grip Max reacher

"Far fetched..."




Just like a human hand, the Handi-Grip Max picks up what you want like your own finger and thumb. The Handi-Grip claw/jaw rotates like your wrist. Simply pull and twist to reach where you want; the back of the sofa, behind the washing machine or off the floor. The Handi-Grip Max also has a lock function so you don’t need a hard grip to hold on to what you pick up. This is an essential tool for recuperation after a hip or knee operation.


  • The Soft lips flex – you can easily pick up a coin off the hall floor
  • The lock function (little red button) keeps the jaws shut around the object you are picking up.
  • With a wider opening jaw, you can pick up as much as you can hold – bottle, tin, jar
  • The hooked trigger can also be used for pulling up socks or putting on a coat/jumper
  • There’s a magnet at the end in case you drop your keys
  • You can attach it to your walking stick with the stick clip so it’s always within reach