Hand warmer

"Pocket rocket"...


This rechargeable hand warmer is an update of an old idea – we love it!  It not only warms your hands, it has a torch function and can charge your mobile phone.

The hand warmer heats up really quickly and has two temperature settings 50 – 60ºC with an average heat duration of 4 hours. The Led digital display indicates the temperature level and the remaining power.  The USB-C charging port can also provide power to your phone (though not at the same time as warming your hands!).  The torch feature has different colour settings including white light, soft yellow light and blue light.

The hand warmer has a smooth, tactile surface and comes with a small fabric bag, charging cable and silicone wrist strap.

* Note – we found that it takes some time to fully charge the hand warmer on first use … don’t lose heart





Dimensions:H6.5cm x W5.8cm
Heating power:7 – 10W

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