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Having scoured the market we’ve made a small selection of no fuss, good quality, and well designed walking sticks – no garish patterns, hospital plastic or fake wood.

The Ziggy adjustable walking stick is designed with lightweight materials to be as easy to carry as possible, weighing a total of 375g. It is made of aluminium, a material strong enough to be supportive, yet light enough to allow comfortable use by virtually any user.

This walking stick provides a large range of incremental height adjustments, and is adjustable between 760mm and 990mm. This wide adjustment capability makes the stick suitable for most users, allowing each to use the stick at the safest and most comfortable height for them.

The cushioned, easy-grip handle is shaped based on the classic Derby design, and is contoured to allow for easy gripping and a sure hold.

The wrist cord is included.

What is the correct height for a walking stick?

A walking stick which is the wrong height can cause back and shoulder problems, as well as uncomfortable joint pain. If your walking stick is too long, it will force the shoulder unnaturally high, whilst a stick that is too short will force the user to stoop and develop back pain.

The answer to measuring and fitting a walking stick correctly is not determined by how tall a person is but by the distance between their hand and the ground.

To measure someone (or yourself) for a walking stick – stand with weight evenly on both feet, looking straight ahead and with arms relaxed by your sides. You then need to measure from the floor to the prominent bone of the wrist. This is the length of walking stick required.

Please note taking a measurement is by far the most accurate way of sizing yourself for a walking stick because everybody’s arms are different lengths! However here is a rough sizing guide:

If you’re between 150-160cm in height – approx stick measurement 74cm and 79cm
If you’re between 160-170cm in height – approx stick measurement 81cm and 86cm
If you’re between 170-180cm in height – approx stick measurement 89cm and 96cm
If you’re between 180-190cm in height – approx stick measurement 99cm and 101cm

If you are measuring for a walking pole – stand with your arms at your side and measure the distance from your elbow to the floor.  The walking pole should be between 15-20cm higher than your elbow.

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  • The Ziggy is available in 4 matt finish colours
Adjustable incremental in height:76cm – 98cm
Materials:Aluminium & rubber ferrule
Handle:Soft-touch plastic
Ferrule size:2cm
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