Coverspecs™ Sunglasses

"Feeling hot, but looking cool"...


These Coverspecs™ by Good Lookers are a really clever idea – not only do they look good they work!  Coverspecs™ fit over your everyday glasses and so eliminate the need for prescription sunglasses.

They are both lightweight and comfortable. Keep them in your car or bag – for when you need them.

A convenient and affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses!

If you like the idea of cover specs have a look at our Coverspecs™ night-vision glasses.


  • Polarised lenses to reduce glare and eye fatigue and improve visability.
  • Suitable for many activities, including sport and driving.
  • Trendy unisex design.
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection.
  • Includes microfibre pouch.

I just ordered two new sets of glasses from you, the Nooz reading glasses and the night driving classes, and I just wanted to say they are both brilliant, and thank you so much!

Meredith, March 2022

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