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Once you’ve got used to the idea of wearing what looks like a dishcloth round your neck – you’ll never look back!  Cooling wraps are brilliant for using during pilates, yoga – or outdoor sports and activities. They are also great for post-exercise cool down.

Simply wet, wring, and snap the cooling wrap and you will get the immediate benefits of evaporative cooling. The moisture from the towel draws the sweat away from the skin and cools the body.

When the cooling wrap has been activated with water, it is easy to keep it cool.  To “recharge” the cooling power of your wrap  – take your moistened wrap and whip it around in the air like a lasso; and reapply to your neck. Most users will enjoy a chilling 20-degrees difference on their skin. As long as the wrap is moist, you can “recharge” its cooling power as often as you like.

Sold in packs of 2.

Are they any better than using a damp cloth?

Of course, the principles of evaporative cooling apply to ordinary house towels. When you wet a house towel, ring it, and snap it, it will also feel cool, but only for a short period of time. Since an ordinary house towel is not made with the special purpose microfibre fabric, it will not be able to absorb and spread moisture, regulate evaporation, and keep the towel cool.

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Purple & Blue, Lime Green & Blue

Dimensions:100cm x 30cm
Materials:Premium microfibre
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