Colour rack pill box

"Mothers little helper..."


The Colour Rack pill box is an easy way to store and organise medication. Consisting of seven pill boxes in different colours, each pill box is marked with a weekday. It’s ideal for a small to moderate number of pills per week. Each pill box is divided into 4 compartments so that the pills can be organised according to the time of day. (morning, noon, evening, night). The lids are secured with a simple click-on feature.

The pill boxes are stored in a robust plastic rack which the pill boxes can click in and out of.

A colourful and cheery way to keep track of your daily medicine intake!


  • Consists of 7 pill boxes, 1 for each weekday
  • Each pill box has 4 compartments
  • Lid secured with click-on feature
  • Robust plastic rack
  • Each pill box has a different colour
  • Dishwasher safe at 50º
Dimensions – container:18.9cm  x 10.2 x 1.8 cm
Dimensions – pill box:9.6cm x 2.6cm x 1.6 cm