Carbon Ultralight rollator

The lightest rollator in the world


Available for pre-order.  Delivery due November 2021.

The ByAcre Carbon Ultralight has been designed to be motivating, innovative and stylish.  Lightweight exclusive materials such as carbon fibre frames and aluminium folding cross and handle bars make the Byacre the world’s lightest rollator at 4.8kg, with four wheels.

It is easy to manoeuvre and provides a smooth, fast and effortless glide. This Swedish rollator is, without doubt, the best we have found or can imagine. So elegant I almost look forward to needing one. With the lightweight materials, easy folding, and sleek lines, it will fit in any car, train, boat or airplane, so you can keep discovering the world around you. The built in seat enables you to use the rollator as a chair at any time you may need to sit down.

The Carbon Ultralight is available in three different size options, so you can find the one that suits you best. Compact Track has a lower seat, which is ideal if you are less than tall. Regular Track is our standard model which fits easily through standard 60cm doorways – and last but not least; our Wide Track which offers a wider seat for optimal seated comfort – especially getting down onto or up from the seat of the rollator.

Comes fully assembled and ready to use.



  • Extremely stable design with carbon fibre frames and aircraft grade aluminium Automotive inspired dynamic styling
  • Ergonomic handles support the right posture
  • 20cm soft and comfortable PUR tyres on all 4 wheels
  • Push button for height adjustment in 3cm increments
  • Easy folding for storage and transport – only 25.5cm wide when folded
Weight4.8 kg
Dimensions70cm × 25cm × 80 cm
ColourOyster White, Strawberry Red, Carbon Black
Rollator weight4.8 kg (Compact Track), 4.8 kg (Regular Track), 4.9kg (Wide Track)
Seat width41cm (Compact Track), 42cm (Regular Track), 47cm (Wide Track)
Seat height56cm (Compact Track), 61cm (Regular Track), 61cm (Wide Track)
Width61.5cm (Compact Track), 62.5cm (Regular Track), 66.5cm (Wide Track)
Width (folded)25cm
Width between handles38cm (Compact Track), 39cm (Regular Track), 44cm (Wide Track)
Handle height79cm -91cm
User weightMax 130kg

I promised to let you know my thoughts on this. It is amazingly neat and when folded fits behind our front door and the wall, heaven! It is so easy to drive, copes with changes in levels, and is generally cheering and called my ‘Red Roller’! Got to Kew Gardens unaided & felt so thrilled to be independent, being a bit iffy on the balance skills. So grateful to you, thank you.

J.S August 2021

I chose it because it is very light, carbon. I can lift it into the car boot unaided and it is very manoeuvrable. The brakes are easy to use and solid when applied for sitting. I bought the backrest. Other, heavier models probably have slightly more comfortable seats, this one is a tad narrow but a joy to have whenever I run out of puff. I can pull in the width of the whole thing for narrow spaces and it still functions well. I also bought the shopper bag. Instructions are spot on I love it and it always initiates conversation being much admired.

P.B July 2021

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