The bed wedge

"The thin end of the wedge..."


The Wedge is part of our range of bespoke orthopaedic cushions. Using best quality Putnam’s foam and upholstered in soft cotton suitable for the bedroom.

The Wedge is a great positioning cushion. It can be used flat underneath a pillow to raise and prop you up in bed to help with conditions such as acid reflux or respiratory problems. It’s useful as a back support when sitting up straight in bed, or on a sofa or armchair – an ideal reading or eating position. It can also be used at the bottom of the bed either pointing down or upwards to raise and support the legs.

Spare covers are available.

  • Removable zipped covers
  • Washable at 30˚C
  • Spare covers available
Dimensions:46cm x 56cm x 19cm x 3cm
Material:High quality Putnam’s grade foam
Covers:Linen blend or Indian cotton