Car kit

"You're in the driver's seat"...


This kit is designed to help with getting in and out of the car. The Handy bar and the grab handle give firm purchase for your hands, the leg lifter does what it says, the swivel cushion and the seat belt reacher reduce any need to twist. Then the lumbar cushion moulds to your back giving the support you may need, and the fleece will keep any passenger warm.

And you can choose the colour of your super soft Tweedmill fleece.

  • Seat belt reacher: attaches easily to your seatbelt bringing it closer so you don’t need to twist to reach it
  • Caddie grab handle: straps around the top of the car’s window frame, and secured in place with a buckle, to provide a handle to help getting out
  • Swivel seat: a soft flexible turning disc that helps you to turn on your car seat without painful jarring or twisting
  • Handy bar: a strong handle that fits into the door bracket on the car’s doorframe to help those who struggle to get out of a car
  • Leg lifter: simply hook round your foot to help move stiff or immobile legs
  • Car lumbar cushion: the memory foam transforms to fit the contours of your body, so it provides support in all the right places.
  • Tweedmill travel fleece: instant comfort and warmth, washable and very good value