Beeswax bread bag

"The natural alternative to cling film and plastic food bags"...



If you haven’t used a bread bag before you’re in for a treat.  As we all know storing bread in plastic makes the crust go spongy and wrapping it in paper means it drys out quickly. These beeswax bread bags keep bread fresh for much longer, without it losing its crust. The bread bag helps to keep the bread airtight while allowing it to breath and holds moisture, meaning your bread wont dry out so fast.  Plus the antimicrobial properties of the wax can boost your bread’s shelf life.

The bread bags measure 50cm x 28cm.  100% natural, made from beeswax, Pine resin, Jojoba oil and 100% organic cotton.

When needed wash your beeswax bread bag with mild dishwashing soap and cool water, and then let it hang to dry. You can store your bag in a drawer or on the counter. Every few months to re-pasteurise and re-set your Beeswax bag, put it between baking paper and iron on a low heat.

The natural alternative to cling film and plastic food bags.

Urban Green zero waste beeswax bread bags are handmade in the UK

Materials:Natural bees wax, pine resin, organic Jojoba oil and 100% cotton
Dimensions:50cm x 28cm
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