Bed rest kit

"Good in bed"...



If you need to be in bed for a while, make it comfortable. Lean back on a V shaped pillow for superior support and choose your favourite fabric. Keep a grabber to hand, eat or read from a bean-bag cushioned tray. Don’t twist to reach from your bedside table, put what you need most in the bedside caddy. And ask for the cherry hot pad to be warmed to rest over your shoulders as a special heat provider.

Follow the links in details to view the individual items contained in the kit.

  • V shape pillow: use either as neck support or around the lower back and under the arms for total comfort
  • Blue Badge tray: a soft bean bag cushion topped with a smooth stable tray surface that comfortably supports laptops or books (may be different colour from pictured)
  • Sissel cherry hot pad: a natural heat pack filled with cherry stones
  • Grabber: Folding Classic Pro reacher: a high quality reacher to help pick up what you need without bending
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