Bamboo furniture raisers

"You raise me up..."




The NHS advice is that we should all sit at the right height for our body – thighs should be at 90° to the floor – but most of us sit on a favourite armchair with our knees higher than the seat, which makes getting up much more of a strain than it need be.

It’s easier to get on and off an armchair, sofa or bed if the furniture is higher off the ground. Sold in sets of four, our furniture raisers are made of attractive bamboo and increase the height of your furniture by 9cm. Coated in a clear lacquer for a glossy and resilient finish.

The different recesses on the cube will accommodate a variety of chair leg sizes (maximum width 5cm).

Furniture must not be moved once raisers have been fitted. This means they are not suitable for any high legged chair, a low-to the-floor armchair, sofa or bed is best.

  • Supplied as a pack of 4
  • Different recesses on the cube will accommodate a variety of chair legs
  • 10cm to provide a 9cm raise
Dimensions:9cm x 9cm x 9cm
Recesses max widths: 3.2cm  x  5.1cm x  7.6cm
Product weight:2kg
Max user weight: 380kg

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