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The older we get, the more prone we are to slips and injuries. The Sissel Balancefit is designed to improve balance, physical co-ordination, strength and circulation. It features specially shaped knobbles in two thicknesses, and these have the added effect of increasing the body’s perceptive ability. It is also ideal for foot massage, working on pelvic floor exercises or as a dynamic sitting aid.

Better balance now means healthier ageing later.

Balance is crucial regardless of your age or activity level. The main reason why is also the most obvious: increasing your stability means you’re less likely to stumble and fall.

Working on your balance also strengthens the support around your joints, which helps keep them healthy in the long run. It also helps injuries (like ankle sprains) heal faster because it improves proprioception, (your sense where your body is in the space around you)  which typically suffers after you get hurt.

The Balancefit is inflated to the prescribed pressure, however if you want to add more air now or in the future you will need a needle pump which is available here


  • Multi-functional training device to improve
    • balance
    • co-ordination
    • strength
    • circulation
  • ‘Spikes’ on the surface increase the body’s tactile ability
  • choice of different shapes and height of the “spikes”
    • low and round
    • high and sharp
  • Ideal for foot-massage
  • needle-valve for individual pressure regulation
  • latex and phthalate free
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