Balance fit pad


The marbled Sissel Balancefit pad is a foam balance pad for use in balance training. Its’ designed to train and improve co-ordination, proprioception, stability and reactions. It features a durable anti-slip surface and can be used inside or outside.

Better balance now means healthier ageing later.

Balance is crucial regardless of your age or activity level. The main reason why is also the most obvious: Increasing your stability means you’re less likely to stumble and fall. The older we get, the more prone we are to slips and injuries.

Working on your balance also strengthens the support around your joints, which helps keep them healthy in the long run. It also helps injuries (like ankle sprains) heal faster because it improves proprioception, aka your sense where your body is in the space around you, which typically suffers after you get hurt.

Included with the Balancefit Pad is a useful exercise chart.

  • Improves co-ordination and reactions
  • Training of motor functions to maintain proper balance
  • Durable surface with anti-slip coating for increased safety and hygiene
  • Complete with exercise chart
Dimensions:50cm x 41cm x 6cm
Materials:Latex and phthalate free
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