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Auto inflate lumbar cushion


The auto inflate lumbar cushion provides comfortable support to the lower back and lumbar region. Ideal for anyone that suffers from a bad back or people with a poor sitting posture, the cushion automatically inflates in seconds offering real pressure relief quickly and effectively. When not required, the lumbar cushion deflates to a compact size making it suitable for carrying in a bag.

From ‘a land far far away’ this lumbar cushion is not our highest quality item but it is versatile and an effective lumbar support for uncomfortable cinema seats and dining chairs or even a spare pillow on trips away. It’s easier to inflate than deflate, but with a bit of practice it becomes a smooth operation.

  • Inflates automatically in seconds
  • Provides comfortable support to the lumbar
  • Improves sitting posture
  • Prevents pressure and strain
  • Deflates to compact size
  • Velvet style covering is soft to the touch
  • Easy to carry
Dimensions:W 38cm x H 20cm x D 70cm