Ash laptray

"It's a balancing act..."


Bosign’s ash wood laptray has a shapeable bean bag cushion to rest on your lap, so it’s great for breakfast in bed, supper on the sofa or surfing the internet from your favourite armchair.  The trays’ ergonomic grip handles and bean bag cushion ensure maximum comfort. The tray and pillow together effectively disperse the heat from your computer. The rims might be low but they’re high enough to keep glasses and plates from sliding off the tray.

The soft cushion is attached to the tray with velcro. The cover is made of 100 percent cotton, it can easily be removed and machine washed on a cool setting.


  • Fully shapeable bean bag style cushion
  • Lacquered surface
  • Prevents overheating of lap and computer
  • Tray edge designed to retain small spillages
  • Easy carrying with grip friendly handles
  • Easily removable and washable cover (velcro fitted)
Dimensions 43cm x 38cm x 6.5cm
Material:Willow wood and 100% natural cotton