Anatomic Linum hot pad

"Feel the heat..."


The Sissel Anatomic Linum is a tri-sectional linseed compress and can be used for the treatment of tense muscles, stomach pains, back ache and colds. It is smooth and soft and contours to the shape of your body to provide a pleasant and effective application. With a 100% cotton cover.

  • smooth and soft
  • contours to your body
  • warm pleasant relief from
    • tense muscles
    • stomach pain
    • back ache
    • cold
  • multiple applications
    • neck and shoulders
    • lower back
    • stomach
  • warm in the oven 70˚C for 4 to 6 minutes – massage the Linum to distribute the heat
  • warm in the microwave 600w for 2 minutes – 1000w for 1 minute – massage the Linum to distribute the heat
Dimensions:36cm x 38cm
Fabric:100% cotton cover/natural dye