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We’d like to share some content we have come across that may be helpful or interesting:  some relevant websites that we like, some books, some articles we feature in. The pieces aren’t dated – they should be relevant whenever you have the time to look. If you have questions you would like answered, or help with any topic please make a suggestion by emailing us at


Moving house is, all the studies show, one of the most stressful life events we experience. And that’s even for the young and strong. It involves planning, measuring, sorting and packing. Downsizing at a later stage in life has the additional agonies of getting rid of what might be almost a lifetime’s worth of possessions.…

broken china
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Age Space – a wealth of information

This is a shout out to a website we think everyone should have a look at. A one-stop online resource and guide for anyone with concerns about, or caring for an ageing parent or relative, neighbour or friend.

agespace logo
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How to put your house in order

As we get older we may begin to need some new equipment to keep us independent, mobile, comfortable and safe. There’s a lot that can be changed very easily in a home – without making it look like a hospital – to achieve just that.

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Why we love Rollators

An inevitable feature of getting older is becoming less mobile. Since our childhood there has been a quiet revolution in mobility equipment.

Let's Fly rollator
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The Library

We often come across books we want to recommend, both fiction and non-fiction. They are all related in some way to the concept of getting older – there’s a lot out there and we’ll keep adding as we find new ones. We hope you enjoy them too.

Eat well to Age Well
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